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I am a life-long East Contra Costa County resident and graduate of Northgate High School in Walnut Creek. I grew up in the Bay Area and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Cal State University, Chico. I got my start in business right out of college, working for American Savings Bank as a teller and at Sears as a hardware salesperson. I recall that even early on, I always enjoyed working with customers, helping them meet their needs.

As I moved through the Credit Union industry, I embraced their mission of “people helping people.” During my twenty-five years in the industry, I served in various support positions, both client-facing and management roles, all supporting the common objective: fulfill the dreams of regular people by providing various financial services.

Those services included financial consulting, financial planning and budgeting. The ultimate result was increasing the financial health and wellness of our members.

Throughout my career, I developed a strong passion for teaching others about business fundamentals, including getting their personal financial lives healthier – for themselves and their families. As people become better finance managers over their own lives, it impacts success in their jobs, which in turn benefits their companies. So, I went back to college to further develop this passion. I obtained my Master’s in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Going through this process gave me a higher level of understanding all aspects of business. It also pinpointed for me the importance of teaching financial health to others.

After I received my Master’s, I left my long-term job (as a branch manager at a local credit union) to pursue my passion for teaching personal finance. Over the next several months, “networking” with other business professionals helped me define my personal mission: to teach all generations about personal finance; coach them to become financially healthy; and improve their lives ~ for themselves, their families and their communities.

In early 2019, I started FH Educators (Financial Health Educators) with the mission of helping people become financially fit. My focus is to give all my clients – individuals and organizations – personal financial health evaluations, education and coaching, financial debt consolidation and management plans, and budgeting tools. Financial advisors and planners (which I am not) typically focus on helping their clients grow their existing portfolio of various types of assets. I teach and coach my clients on managing ALL aspects of their financial lives to maintain a healthy balance and reach their financial goals. This means different things for different people, but can include:

  • Establishment of financial goals

  • Consolidation of debt

  • Credit repair

  • Retirement savings

  • Kids college savings

  • Family planning

  • Home ownership

  • Gaining foothold after a home foreclosure or bankruptcy

I have taught personal finance to seniors and Millennials throughout the Bay Area. I work with business partners, corporations, city chambers, political leaders, and educators to provide a voice for financial health education to all generations, bringing the hope of financial fitness to our local communities.

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