Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main services?

We provide personal finance workshops, financial evaluations and coaching, budget training, and debt management advice.

What groups do you serve?

We work with individuals to organizations and Gen. Z’s to Seniors. We cover all types of people in need.

Does there need to be problems with our finances to get assistance?

We like to provide financial education to add more knowledge for anyone that has questions about their finances.

What are the building blocks to personal finances?

It is important to save diligently, set financial goals, plan properly and work with a budget, and minimize debts.

What is the most important step in obtaining financial health?

Developing a plan and creating a budget strengthens your financial goals and cuts down or limits how you can spend your money.

How do you work with organizations, providing financial health assistance?

Businesses utilize our service, offering their employees personal finance education, supplementing their employee benefits.

How many years of financial health experience do you have?

I have thirty years of banking experience, working and discussing with individuals and companies on their finances, coaching them on what will best position them to make them financially healthy.

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