We are proud to be relaunching a modern new version of our website.

July 1st marks the beginning of the second half of the year! So much has happened in the first six months of 2020. Our country has been shaken to its core. Hopefully, we will continue to change and grow from these experiences, appreciating and celebrating our diversity. We need to move forward in unity for the United States to continue to be successful for all of its’ citizens.

“Soft” Anniversary

This month marks another milestone for FH Educators (FHE.) It has been eighteen months since we began our journey to educate people about financial health. In remembering this, we are relaunching our website fheducators.com. You are invited to check out our new site, review the enhancements, and become better educated in personal finances. Our continued goal is to increase the level of Financial Wellness by building budgeting, credit repair and basic financial skills through coaching, seminars and consulting.

Website Enhancements

FHE’s website has more details about the services provided. You can read the story of FHE and see testimonials from people who have been impacted by our story. Scan through the FAQs and Blogs for personal finance insights and tips. The bottom of the webpage introduces you to FHE’s business partners, and guides you to a resource library.


The website upgrade incorporates a modern, sleek and colorful design. It is seeker friendly, enabling you to quickly find the assistance you need. Take a moment to review all the services we have to offer at FHE. We look forward to serving you, empowering you to become financially healthy in the years ahead!