Financial Fitness Evaluation

Financial Fitness Evaluation
Finance Presentation and workshop
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Financial Fitness Evaluations

I educate and coach the client based on an evaluation of their current financial fitness, goals, and life stage. I discuss all areas impacting personal finance in order to outline a complete financial health picture for my clients. We can then determine areas of improvement by establishing a financial budget, as well as a long-term financial health plan.

Areas that are included in the evaluation and planning are: Budgeting; Checking Accounts; Savings Accounts; Retirement Savings; Debt Management and Consolidation; Equity Management; Expense Management; Trust, Will and Power of Attorney; Automobile(s); Additional Substantial Assets; Needs vs. Wants; Emergency Fund; Insurance; School and College Savings; Home Ownership and Mortgage; Taxation; Investments; Dreams and Goals; Unexpected Life Events; Dependent Care Needs.

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I partner with businesses and individuals in all life stages. I offer financial health education and coaching so each individual gains financial and debt management skills. I provide personal budget evaluation and preparation. I also provide mobile Notary services.

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